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Instead, Ventimiglia threw himself headlong into a series of other horizon-broadening projects, each indulging a different facet of his personality.

Milo the actor, who had already gained notice for his feature work as Sylvester Stallone’s overshadowed son in last year’s , a dark psychological thriller co-starring Alyssa Milano. 30.) Meanwhile Milo the entrepreneur, head of his own production company, partnered with clothingmaker American Eagle to produce and direct a series of short films for the company’s Web site.

(The shorts also aired during the commercial breaks on the premiere of MTV’s questing academic Mohinder Suresh.

Finally, recalls the actor, she blurted out: “So you’re polite, you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you’re a vegetarian, you keep yourself fit, and you’re successful. ” magazine news cycle, or brooding angsters who wear their codependencies on their black-denim sleeves—one can understand the poor girl’s confusion. Take his recent sprint to stardom in , last year’s top-rated new drama.I said, 'That's a great idea.' One, that's period correct."Two, it leaves my upper lip out of the equation when I'm putting all the fake stuff on my face. But then there was an automatic visual representation for the audience to say, 'Oh, Jack looks different. Nothing elaborate, just dinner with a woman he’d known for a while, though mainly in passing.I’ve been thinking about This Is Us all week and I’m not the only one —their Saturday night panel at Paley Fest was packed. Apparently he flew into a jealous rage about her flirting with some dude at a party and hit her across the cheek.The show is ridiculously successful in a time when both network shows and small-stakes family dramas are supposed to be dead, so everyone’s watching. Arguably the very first article I ever wrote for Lainey Gossip, on a train, no less, was about why people should love Mandy Moore (more).

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"You’ve got all these memories and all this nostalgia, but then you're like, 'Oh, wait.

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