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In many televised appearances and in two much-maligned books, Dee made numerous allegations including the unsubstantiated claim that Elvis in fact killed himself after discovering he had untreatable bone-marrow cancer.Unhappy Family: Elvis Presley and his family including his father Vernon Presley (3rd from left), stepmother Dee Presley (next to Elvis) and her sons Ricky, David and Billy Stanley join Nelson Rockefeller and Nancy Sinatra (1st left) during a recording session for the movie "Speedway" on June 21 1967 at MGM studios in Los Angeles California Saving her most jaw-dropping claims for the 1993 book 'The Intimate Life and Death of Elvis Presley', Dee said that Elvis had become involved in an incestuous affair with his mother Gladys, who died in 1958.He has done very well for himself, and after exchanging numbers, she ends up at his place for a few drinks.

However, many believed Dee's claims were motivated by petty jealously and vengeance aimed at Elvis for ruining her marriage to Vernon, which ended in November 1977, three months after Elvis's untimely death and 18 months before Vernon himself passed away.

She has been dubbed the King of Rock and Roll's 'evil stepmother' - the lady who waited until after his tragically young death to claim he not only had a gay affair but also engaged in an incestuous relationship with his beloved mother.

Dead at the age of 88 at her home in Nashville, Tennessee, Davada 'Dee' Stanley Presley was the second wife of Elvis's dad Vernon, but as far as his hundreds of millions of fans are concerned she was no better than a gold-digger intent on ruining his stellar legacy.

Ironically, Suzanne Somers took over Priscilla's spot on a show that she piloted called "She's The Sheriff".

Priscilla began her acting career in 1975 by appearing in an episode of "Columbo" also ironically, as a nurse.

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Their father is Lisa-Marie's first husband, whom she married when just 20.