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Updating living trust

A Living Trust, as the name implies, is a trust which is created during a person's lifetime.This is in contrast to a Testamentary Trust, which is a trust created after a person's lifetime through the operation of that person's will.It insures the validity of your real estate title against certain risks from others claiming to have an ownership or lien rights in the property.

This can be a very lengthy and expensive process, especially with larger estates.Real estate is a good example of the type of asset that should be kept titled to your Trust.Instead of “John Doe and Jane Doe, Husband and Wife,” it should be “John Doe and Jane Doe, as co-Trustees of the Doe Family Trust dated XYZ.” For most clients, this is accomplished by the attorney in the estate planning process.If your spouse is a UK domiciliary, there may also be a UK Inheritance Tax charge when they subsequently die – meaning your estate will have been subject to two different sets of death duties.To avoid US Estate Tax being payable on the first death, you may be advised to settle your assets in a "Qualifying Domestic Trust" or "QDOT".

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Even after setting up a living trust, you still should create a last will and testament, as a back-up.