Virus definitions updating

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Problem: The Virus Definitions are not updating as per schedule that you set on KAV profile Cause: The profile did not properly get assigned to the machine Resolution: If you notice that the virus definitions are out of date, go to the profile and under "Update Option" check and see what setting was applied Login to the machine, locally, and open the Kaspersky UI, under Update, confirm if the settings match the profile If they do not match, reapply the profile to see if the settings get applied this time.

You can check when the definitions were created, when they were downloaded and what version number your currently installed definitions actually are.Next to this will be a term that specifies whether or not your virus and spyware definitions are up to date.If the phrase “Up to date” appears next to this listing there is no need to update your definitions.I realize that virus definitions are kept in the cloud for Webroot Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection.However, my device monitoring software (Spiceworks) keeps telling me that PCs have out-of-date definitions.

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Virus definitions contain information that allows your computer to identify and remove all of the latest viruses from your computer.

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