Youtube video views not updating

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Youtube video views not updating

This is the driving force behind many of the other peculiarities in view counts as well.

Thus, if you currently have a video embedded on your business' website, it may be better to provide a link to the video within the You Tube player instead. This verification process may take several hours or several days – but should update when You Tube has verified the actual count. Contact You Tube if you continue to have what you think is an inaccurate view count after a few days.If you’ve ever wondered how views are counted on You Tube, then you probably are worried that your video isn’t getting the amount of hits you projected.In response to video marketing strategies and other view skewing tactics, Counting views used to be more casual and basically counted every time a page was loaded.Initially it was mainly for videos found to be accumulating views very quickly, but now as of Q4 2015 a views audit can happen to any video at any time for no special reason.During a views audit the view count will be frozen (ie You Tube views stuck!

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For some reason the general everyday display lag is much longer on mobile devices.

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